EGR Cleaning Ford 6.0

Has your 6.0L Diesel died or slowed down from carbon yet?  You are likely experiencing EGR and turbo coke or carbon build up (see pictures below).  The 6.0L Ford Diesel EGR Cooler Cleaner will clean the cooler for the EGR Valve and clean out the carbon coking on the turbo vains.  This carbon coking will rob you of power and will make your truck sluggish from take off.

It is recommended that you have this EGR Cleaning Service performed every 15k miles.  You should also have your fuel filters serviced at the same time.  Draining the water valve will help keep the water light off on the dashboard.

The EGR Cleaning Service can save you thousands of dollars.  The Ford dealership charges $2,500-$3,800 to repair this issue by changing the EGR valve.  Changing the EGR valve does not solve this turbo coke and carbon build up – yes, it will get you back on the road, but it’s like putting a band-aid on the engine.  It has to be completely cleaned out for trouble-free power.

** The EGR Cleaning Service includes:
-          Cleaning of the EGR Valve with new O-Rings
-          Cleaning of the EGR Cooler with the ISC Cleaner
-          Cleaning the Turbo Impellers wit heh ISC Cleaner
-          Changing the Oil with the BG109 (Compression Performance Restoration)
-          Remove all associated trouble codes from the computer
-          A good test drive

The truck needs at least ½ to ¾ tank of fuel in it at time of service.  The service takes 3-5 hours to complete.

 A note from Eddie:

I learned about this service after my own 2004 6.0 Ford F250 truck fell on its face one day and had to be towed to the dealership.  The truck had 28k miles on it at the time.  The Ford dealership said they would have to pull it down to see what was wrong before they could tell me whether it was covered under warranty.  I thought it should be covered, but guess what?  It wasn’t.  It cost me $2850 plus filter and injection cleaning – by the time I got out of there it was $3800.

I have cleaned my truck since then using the EGR Cleaning Service – you would be surprised at the build-up after only 10k miles.  What a difference the cleaning makes to the performance and fuel mileage! 


2006 F-250 EGR valve with rocks of carbon under the seat of the valve


A rock of carbon - this will cause your vehicle to die


A rock of carbon - caused by coking buildup in the EGR cooler